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Study group


At T.W.C we believe in the strength of unity and the togetherness of people. Our church is vibrant, outgoing, and we are always looking for participators! Life groups are multifaceted with both social and spiritual aspects. We believe in becoming a tight knit community helping one another, depending on each other, and being the source of strength and hope during the roughest times of one’s life. We share in each other successes and uplift one another through the failures. Life groups create a bond like no other. It reminds us that we are not alone. Through the sharing of life experiences in these groups others can be encouraged. It is an intimate setting that allows for specific questions and a detailed exploration of various themes and topics chosen by your Life Group leader. 


Socially, Life Groups allows church members to foster new relationships amongst fellow congregants. Various Life Groups meet outside of the church walls at bowling, wings night, and even fitness programs like Zumba!  Spiritually, Life Groups  discuss in detail the sermons from Sunday or other topics chosen by the Life Group Leader. Life Groups work in the community volunteering in community outreach programs!

Life groups are not mandatory but can be very helpful and heartwarming for any member of The Worship Center. We invite you to join one today!


Children Reading the Holy Bible


Jesus said, “Suffer the little children to come unto me”. Children are delicate and precious in the eyes of God. They are also competent and capable learners! Why not let them learn about how much Jesus loves them and how He cares for them? Let them sing for joy and dance for the Lord, learn of the goodness of Jesus at Joyful Kidz Church. 

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